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About CHC Healthcare Group
Group Profile
CHC Healthcare Group (CHC) was founded in 1977, including nearly 20 subsidiaries in the domestic and overseas. CHC Investment Holding Company is responsible for management and supervision of all subsidiaries to integrate and share resources through group platform, then increasing operational performance of management and business, and taking specific responsibility for external investors’ relationships as well as fund raising in capital market. 
The first subsidiary has been established in medical equipment industry for more than 40 years. Over the years, CHC has been deeply developing the field of professional sales and services of domestic medical equipments and lease management of medical equipments, and combining with specialists and technical services in multi-medical filed through holding platform to integrate logistics management and reduce operating cost. Business performance of the company keeps growing after establishment. In the future, CHC will continuously go ahead of the industry for enhancement of profit to become a leader of medical equipment in sales and service channel in APAC.     
Head Office is located in Chungshan District of Taipei City, and branches in Taichung and Kaohsiung as well as Beijing and Guanzhou in China, so that CHC can provide more immediate and efficient after services
Subsidiaries in the group mainly act as sales agents for international famous high-tech medical equipments, successively setting up ophthalmology department, neurosciences, surgical operation and imaging medicine, etc other than the original department of radiation oncology instrument. By providing customers with advanced medical instruments and technical supporting services, these subsidiaries have further improved quality to offer the best medical services for patients. CHC through a series of services has been not only the largest professional medical equipment agent but also the best partner for medical institution in Taiwan. 
Under leadership of Lee, Pei-Lin, President of CHC Healthcare Group, hundreds of employees and management team that adhere to “Commitment of Quality, Guardian of Health, Insistence of Professional” for business objects have established good reputation in medical industry; meanwhile, CHC upholds basic philosophy of serving the public to shape the image of good enterprise, making medical institutions get an upgrade to international class medical services for patients’ benefits, and creating specific industry value for an agent channel firm.



Corporate Executives

Title Name Responsibility Education & Experience
 General Manager Pei-Lin, Lee  Business and development for
 the whole group
 •Department of Medical Imaging
  and Radiological Science, Central
  Taiwan University of Science 
  and Technology (originally known
  as Department of Radiological 
  Technology , ChungTai Junior
 •MBA, Pacific Western University
 •Department of Medical Imaging 
  (originally known as Department 
  of Radiology), National Taiwan
  University Hospital
 •Sales Representative, Shimadzu
 Chief Executive Officer,
 Oncology Business
Yee-Min, Jen  Oncology business and
 development in China
 •M76, School of Medicine,
  National Defense Medical Center
 •PhD in Oncology, University of
 •Specialist in Radiation Oncology
 •Specialist, Taiwan Academy of
  Hospice Palliative Medicine
 •Resident / Chief Resident /
  Physician / Division Chief-Radiation
  Physics / Division Chief-Radiation
  Therapy / Director, Department of
  Radiation Oncology, Tri-Service
  General Hospital
 •Associate Professor / Professor,
  Radiation Oncology Discipline,
  National Defense Medical
 •Member of Cancer Committee
  and Director of Group for
 Quality Management , Tri-Service
  General Hospital
 •Director, OSCE, Tri-Service General
 •Associate Chair, School of
  Medicine, National Defense
  Medical Center
 •Director, Taiwan Society for
  Therapeutic Radiology and
 Vice President,
 Sales Business Group II /
 Strategic Development
 Business Group
Ming-Lun, Lee  1.Brand imaging, investment
    projects, planning and
    implementation of
    trans-regional business.
 2.Revenue sharing business
    and relevant strategies
 3.Business develop, market
    expansion, product selling
    and customer service
 4.Investor and media
 •Department of Mechanical
  Engineering, National Taipei
  University of Technology
 Vice President,
 Finance Accounting Dept./
 Administration Dept.
Yi-Chun, Chen  1.Financial management and
    fund dispatching
 4.Planning and consolidating 
    of annual budget
 5.Planning and
    implementation of
    investment projects
 6.Clients' credit investigation
    and quota control
 7.Relevant projects of
    shareholders' equity
 8.Management of
    administrative support
 9.Management of international
 •Department of Accounting, Fu Jen
  Catholic University
 •Assistant Vice President,
  PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

Organization and Operating of Internal Audit
CHC's Auditing Office is an independent unit that reports directly to the Board of Directors. There is one full time director dedicated to the Office. Director of Auditing Office shall be appointed after a resolution to be adopted by a majority vote of the directors at a meeting of the Board of Directors and shall meet the criteria required by competent authority. Besides informing to the supervisors and independent directors on a regular basis, director of Auditing Office shall also attend the meeting of the Board of Directors to report content of auditing.

“Charter of Internal Audit” is to review the defects of internal controls in CHC's processes and to evaluate effectiveness and efficiency of operations. All parts of the Company and its subsidiaries are open for review by internal audit.
Auditing Office shall formulate annual audit plans based on the results of the risk assessment and implement after having been approved by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may offer suggestions for improving to ensure sustained operating effectiveness. Additional item auditing or reviewing may be conducted as needed.

CHC's Auditing Office shall review the self-inspection reports prepared by all departments to check business operation and relevant files, and consolidate the results of the self-assessments for the Chairman and Board of Directors.

Board of Directors & Functional Committees
【Board of Directors】
Members of the Board of Directors of the Company are elected based on “Procedures for Election of Directors”. To ensure independence of independent directors, both qualifications and election of the independent directors comply with “Regulations Governing Appointment of Independent Directors and Compliance Matters for Public Companies”.

The Company elected directors, which included 3 independent directors of all 7 members, for the 5th term on 2017 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. And functional committees (Audit Committee for the 1st term and Compensation Committee for the 4th term) also established after the election of directors. All 7 members of the Board of Directors equip with outstanding professional competence and broad practical experience and will do the best judgement and supervision on major decisions for the Company. Education and experience of current members of the Board of Directors are as follows:

Title Name Education & Experience
 Representative of a
 Juristic Person
 Director /
Representative of Princeton Healthcare Limited:
 Pei-Lin, Lee
 •Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Science, Central 
  Taiwan University of Science and Technology (originally known as 
  Department of Radiological Technology , ChungTai Junior College)
 •MBA, Pacific Western University
 •Department of Medical Imaging (originally known as Department of 
  Radiology), National Taiwan University Hospital
 •Sales Representative, Shimadzu Corporation
 Vice President Tien-Ying, Lee  •School of Medicine, China Medical University
 •A Pass on Exams for Doctors Held by Ministry of Examination
 •Resident, Department of Medicine, Mackay Memorial Hospital
 •Chief Resident, Division of General Medicine / Division of Infectious 
  Diseases, Mackay Memorial Hospital
 Director Chun-Shung, Huang  •School of Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University (originally known 
  as Kaohsiung Medical College )
 •A Pass on Exams for Doctors Held by Ministry of Examination
 •Specialist, Department of Orthopaedics
 •President, Childhood Burn Foundation of The Republic of China
 •President, Hospice Foundation of Taiwan
 •Director, Taiwan Medical Center Association
 •Director, Taiwan Orthopaedic Association
 •Superintendent, Mackay Memorial Hospital
 •President, Mackay Memorial Hospital
 •Superintendent, Jen Ching Memorial Hospital
 Representative of a
 Juristic Person
Representative of Yen-Hsin Investment Ltd.:
Yung-Shun, Chuang
 •EMBA, National Taiwan University
 •President, AAEON Technology Inc.
Gui-Duan, Chen  •PhD in Economic Law, Graduate School, China University of Political 
  Science and Law
 •Master, Graduate Institute of Public Finance, National Chengchi 
 •CPA License holder
 •Chair, Department of Accounting, Feng Chia University
 •Chair, Corporate Governance Research Center
 •Legislative assistant, Budget Center, Legislative Yuan, Republic of 
  China (Taiwan)
 •Standing Directors, Taiwan CPA Association
Chang-Jian, Ho  •School of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University (originally 
  known as China Medical College)
 •A Pass on Exams for Doctors Held by Ministry of Examination
 •Certification specialist, department of radiology
 •Certification specialist, department of geriatrics and gerontology
 •Resident / Chief Resident / Attending Physician / Director, 
  Department of Radiology, Heping Fuyou Branch, Taipei City 
  Hospital (originally known as Taipei Municipal Hoping Hospital)
 •Adjunct Director, Engineering Affairs Office, Heping Fuyou Branch, 
  Taipei City Hospital (originally known as Taipei Municipal Hoping 
 •Adjunct Attending Physician, Department of Medical Imaging 
  (originally known as Department of Radiology), National Taiwan 
  University Hospital
Geng-Wang, Laiw  •Master, Department of Health Services Administration, China 
  Medical University
 •School of Medicine, China Medical University
 •A Pass on Exams for Doctors Held by Ministry of Examination
 •Certification specialist, department of emergency medicine
 •Resident / Attending Physician, Department of Emergency Medicine, 
  China Medical University Hospital
 •Resident, Department of Medicine, Taichung Hospital, Ministry of 
  Health and Welfare (originally known as Taichung Hospital)
 •Attending Physician, Department of Emergency Medicine, Taichung 
  Tzu Chi Hospital, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation

The Company has made the “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles”, which approved by the Board of Directors, to establish a diversification policy for the composition of the Board of Directors and implement accordingly. Relevant information is as follows:

Diverse Abilities
Name of Directors

Gender Ability to make judgments about operations Accounting and financial analysis ability Business management ability Crisis management ability Knowledge of the industry International market perspective Leadership ability Decision-making ability
Representative of Princeton Healthcare Limited:Pei-Lin, Lee Male
Tien-Ying, Lee Male  
Chun-Shung, Huang Male  
Representative of Yen-Hsin Investment Ltd.: Yung-Shun, Chuang Male
Gui-Duan, Chen Male  
Chang-Jian, Ho Male  
Geng-Wang, Laiw Male  

【Compensation Committee】
According to Article4 of “Compensation Committee Charter” stipulated by the Company, the functions of the Committee are to professionally and objectively evaluate the policies and systems for compensation of the directors and managerial officers of the Company, and submit recommendations to the Board of Directors for its reference in decision making.

【Audit Committee】
To establish sound corporate governance systems, the Company has established the Audit Committee under Article 14-4 of “Securities and Exchange Act”. Pursuant to Article 5 of “Audit Committee Charter” made by the Company, members of the Committee will implement supervision procedure, and matters to be resolved at the Committee will be submitted to the Board of Directors for a resolution.

Members of functional committees:
Members Compensation Committee Audit Committee
Independent Director:
Gui-Duan, Chen
Member Chair
Independent Director:
Chang-Jian, Ho
Member Member
Independent Director:
Geng-Wang, Laiw
Chair Member

Taipei Taichung Kaohsiung Beijing Guangzhou

Address:5F, No.380, Changchun Rd, Zhongshan Dist, Taipei City 10487, Taiwan (R.O.C.)








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